//Beach volleyball top HANKA, red #2

Beach volleyball top HANKA, red #2




Women’s beach volleyball top REVOLT made of stretchy Espan material. Underlaid front panel.

Made in the Czech Republic. Extended 3-year warranty.

This sportswear is ideal for beach volleyball

ESPAN material
Highly stretchy matt material offering very good properties for sportsman. These are freedom of movement, elasticity and durability.
Composition: 79% polyester, 21% elastane. Weight: 180 g/m2.


Espan material is made of micro fibres that deliver excellent performance. However these micro fibres are very soft and improper use can cause damage, particularly to abrasion. Therefore, during sports activities please avoid contact with sharp or abrasive surfaces such as Velcro straps, backpack straps, sharp edges, bicycle saddles, wooden and rough-wrought benches, tree branches and the like


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